Cloud Computing:

Infobird in the Cloud Computing Applications

  • China's most professional call center service company
  • Strategic transformation since 2005 — start R&D
  • Provide solutions for businesses / organizations through the Internet
  • Test run of cloud computing platform in 2007
  • Official commercial operation since Jan. 2008
  • Take-off phase in 2009 — acquire thousands of corporation / institution clients
  • Build strategic partnership with Dell, Intel and other world IT giants to promote and deploy cloud computing throughout China and the world

Infobird Main Product in Cloud Computing — “Qitongbao”

  • Application cost advantage
  • Flexible deployment advantage
  • Instant activation of call center services
  • Instant usable business capacity after installation
  • On-demand use & on-demand payment
  • Reduce the construction risk of enterprise
  • Low administrative costs
  • Strong load capacity of the system
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Infobird Cloud Computing Technique Route — Longxing Business System

  • A consultative sales system — revolution in sales
  • A service production system — everything as a service
  • An executive system based on “sales” and “service”
  • A multi-agent collaboration system
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