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Infobird Middleware(CTI、IVR、ACD)

Infobird CTI

Middleware is a unique software module of customer service system. It is responsible for coordinating and controlling each module of the system to provide customers with timely service. Infobird Middleware insists the design principles of flexibility and coordination. It can control a variety of communications equipment and computer equipment, support a variety of interactive ways, support simultaneous transmission of calls and data, and allow the generation of call business and work flown.

Infobird CTI Advantage:


The flexibility of Infobird CTI is shown at three aspects: structure, process and data.

During designing, it fully abstracts functional components. Use component reuse, component variations, and component increase to form new product which inherits components’ existing stability.

Dual- computer Hot Standby System

When designing CTI system, Infobird considered as a real-time online multi-task system, call center agent call control system undertakes critical control function. When the throughput increases, the load pressure increases. Even the original stable software system will become vulnerable. Therefore, the stability problem demands for system-level redundancy techniques.

Stability problems can be divided into two aspects. The one hand is load balancing. When the throughput increases, use multiple servers to share the load of the system, making the load on each machine is no more than its experienced steady load, while the coordination among multiple servers can make the system act as a centralized server. The other hand is to identify errors of software and hardware. When there is failure, the system can reset to normal to keeping system running continuously.

Infobird CTI dual-computer hot standby program is different from the general concept of standby backup. With 2 CTI servers set online on the same time, it can really provide users with seamless service even if there is switch failure, network failure or other failures in call center. Using Infobird CTI dual-computer hot standby, call center can achieve 99.999% reliability. With the expansion of call center size, we can make two pairs of CTI or even multi-computer hot standby.

Usually, one or more pairs of Infobird CTI server do load balancing while checking pair’s current operating state. Once there is switch failure, network failure or other failures, the normal CTI server will discover it and automatically take over all the agents the failure CTI server is responsible for. This process will happen in no more than 1s, so the current calls are not affected. After recovery of the failure CTI server, the former normal one will automatically switch back the agents it has temporarily taken over to the original server. Neither the switching process affects the current calls.

The deployment of CTI dual-computer hot standby is as following::


High Safety

  • Guarantee no loss of agents’ current status and associated date when failure occurred at one single point
  • Guarantee agents’ call log normally stored in database when failure occurred at one single point
  • Guarantee seamless switch of agents’ operation from one server to another when failure occurred at one single point
  • Guarantee system back to normal state after recovery of the failure single point

Comprehensive Call Reports

  • Infobird middleware products provide the most comprehensive call data logging. More than 80 technical data items can be generated with any combination and calculation by time or company organization. Pre-defined templates can be defined as needed;
  • Infobird statistical reporting system supports multiple database, like MS SQL Server and ORACLE, etc. Historical data and reports can be output and print.

Real-time Monitoring System

  • Infobird designs state components for each product, like: Agent Call Control, IVR, Recording, etc., and also provides HTTP and DCOM interfaces for remote invocation of external systems.
  • Any monitor end of the unified monitor can be configured multi-kind monitoring objects, and each kind object can have more than one object distributed in local or remote.
  • Through above two ways, unified monitor accesses each server status component, acquiring real-time status and real-time statistical information of each facility and each equipment group. The refresh time can be defined on the monitor.

Infobird IVR

Infobird IVR is a middleware software to support voice services. Based on many different hardware platforms it can connect different switches and data resources to support various industries business processes.

IVR used in many areas. It can not only be an automatic answering device of different call center companies but also serve Telecom value-added businesses. In terms of e-commerce, e-government, e-entertainment, IVR has vast potential.

Infobird IVR Advantage

  • the ability to bear Bulk Call
  • the ability to adapt to business change
  • the ability to adapt to the hardware
  • the ability to use data resources
  • Complete built-in functions
  • the ability of distribution
  • and the ability to integrate with other communication forms
  • highly cost effective

Infobird Recording System

Voice recording is essential for future staff performance assessment, tracking responsibility of accident, customer dispute arbitration. It can perform comprehensive testing and evaluation of the service quality of customer service representatives.

Infobird recording system is made up of three modules: recording acquisition service, recording monitoring service, recording management service. Recording acquisition service collects the voice data from each recording channel, and save them to the storage server. Recording monitoring service supports remotely monitor current information of each recording channel: configuration information and current work status. Recording management service manages all recorded voice files, allowing the function of browse, search, play, delete, and backup, etc.

Infobird recording system supports 2 recording modes: doubling recording and conference recording.