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Infobird Task Tracking System

Infobird Task Tracking System

Through scientific management ideas, task tracking system enhances enterprise service. It solves the service process management problems of work flow, service process tracking, etc. It makes customer service requests recorded, the process tracked, and the employee assessed. And through the cooperation with call center system, it greatly enhances business efficiency, and improves customer satisfaction.

Product Value

  • Build high-performance team and strong execution
  • Improve work efficiency and operational efficiency
  • Comprehensively improve customer satisfaction

Applicable Industry

Task tracking system is for these enterprises: they need to handle a large number of requests of customers, suppliers, and agents which often can not be completed independently by customer service department. It needs communication and cooperation of several departments. In addition, when some enterprises with remote branch offices need to break through geographical, time and scope constraints, task tracking system is very practical.

For example: IT / Internet / Online games, Logistics / Express delivery, B2C / B2B / B2M e-commerce