Household Service Cloud

Household Service Cloud

Infobird FSP (Family Service Platform) System Features

Infobird FSP system integrates a powerful stable call center system, citizen-and-community-faced family service portal website and professional family service processing system, which provides services of information input, information display, match demand and supply, quality monitoring and credit rating for citizens, legal aid organizations, medical organizations and other partner agencies through telephone and Internet.

Infobird FSP System Features

One-stop solution

Infobird FSP system, including Call Center System, Family Service Portal Website and Family Service Processing System, adopts the engineering mode of “unified plan, unified design, unified develop, unified implementation”, which guarantees unified interface style of each subsystem, seamless data sharing and smooth business processing for the great convenience of system construction, operation and daily use and maintenance.

Fast and Easy System Construction

Using advanced cloud computing infrastructure, Internet-based service delivery model and a one-stop solution, Infobird FSP system can greatly shorten the construction period and reasonably control construction risk and investment through the application of mature, stable operation system for SaaS mode.

Distributed System Application

Infobird FSP system is deployed in “centralized-distributed” architecture, so it can be easily applied in joined family service enterprises and joined community service points for the convenience of forming a unified, standardized, efficient and sharing family-community service network system. The system is constantly engaged in business expansion of service contents and service areas.

Unified Media Access Method

Family service customers, contracted companies, cooperation agencies and service centers can share information through not only telephone but also website, web call and SMS, etc. It helps both demand side and supply side communicate effectively through full use of the Internet and communications network.

Convenient Functional Extension

The website, business system and call center scale of Infobird FSP system can be easily perfected, enriched and upgraded with business expansion to meet various application demands of market subjects.

Manageable System Applications

Inforbird FSP system can provide comprehensive and effective management methods for managing various information flow, personnel operation behavior, system operating conditions, various generated costs, which will guarantee long-term orderly operation of the system and all business. In addition, the service center will use effective security technology to establish sound security mechanisms and create a more secure environment for the operation of the system and the transmission of various information systems.

Reasonable Operating Costs

Cooperating with professional IT manufacturers and operators which provide 7X24-hour security service for system operation, companies can reasonably control technical personnel costs during system operation process. It also maximally avoids system collapse risk resulted from complex technical problems. The saved cost can be better used in long-term sustainable marketing and training.


An online information exchange and information sharing public service platform for family customers, contracted companies and cooperation agencies

Call Center

Infobird FSP system adopts Linux/Unix-based call center system which supports remote distributed deployment and centralized management of fixed telephone, mobile phone, Internet phone (Web Call). Client-centered family service support platform is made up of this call center system, portal subsystem and family service processing subsystem.

  • Intelligent Business Grouping
  • Pop-screen with incoming call
  • SMS notification service
  • Revisit of service quality
  • Automatic recording function

Family Service Processing

  • Define service attribute
  • Generate received work order
  • Match Work Order
  • Manage evaluation and complaints
  • Manage statistical analysis
  • Manage contracted companies
  • Credit evaluation of contracted companies