Hypermarket Telephone Portal Solution

Hypermarket Industry Current Situation

  • Poor communication between hypermarket and stores
  • Loose management
  • No way of scheduling
  • No unified marketing image

Objective function frame of hypermarket telephone portal

Call Center: help agents optimize customer contact points


Variation Analysis of Infobird Telemarketing Cloud Computing service

  • the only domestic cloud computing call center operator (Telecom + call center)
  • a higher contact rate represents a higher deal rate
  • in accordance with the changed internal and external environment to quickly performance customer information management, production data and analysis
  • really realize the needs of data centralization and agent distribution strategy
  • ensure 100% digital recordings without a loss
  • integrate with other telemarketing software platform or core system to achieve sales automation
  • no need to worry about information security
  • 7x24 hours professional maintenance and update services
  • provide various extended telemarketing tools (such as predictive outbound, knowledge base, sales automation system) services; support disaster recovery; customer service platform (phone, SMS, IM, WEB, eMail, Fax) integration; payment platform integration; e-commerce business system integration; Web service integration; agent management platform integration ...

Store Charging Methods in Hypermarket

  • annual or monthly membership fees
  • hypermarket charges stores for entry fees and the number of received calls
  • hypermarket charges stores for entry fees and transaction volume (relatively difficult to control)