Automobile Service “Cloud Management” System Solution

Motor-dom Current Situation

  • No unified marketing image
  • No unified management
  • No way to track sales and maintenance schedule
  • No unified data

Automobile Service Call Center System Function

Infobird has launched Automobile Service call center system, which is exactly to meet the urgent market need. The system is based on cloud computing infrastructure. Therefore, it can serve as both a single system and a nationwide or regional call service network (centralized data and distributed call) built through Internet.

As a customer (member)-oriented system, Automobile Service Call Center protects customer information, dynamic information database of customer vehicles, vehicle maintenance, knowledge base maintenance, place name query library and rescue resource management database, which provides consulting, maintenance and rescue services through telephone, web, SMS and other channes.

System provides 24-hour * 365 days services through automated voice response system, agent response and web response, etc.

System provides open interfaces. It can be connected with insurance company’s system through Internet to learn vehicle insurance information at any time.

Infobird Automobile Service Business Platform Function Declaration

  • Customer Information Management
  • Business Work Order Management
  • Tracking Revisit and Survey
  • Statistical Report
  • Customer Evaluation Management
  • System Settings Management
  • Secondary Development and Integration
Automobile Service

Benefits Analysis

  • Brand benefits: provide unified number and one-stop services as the only standards of service window to construct service brand
  • Management benefits: unified control, unified management and unified service processes; real-time updates of customer data; real-time monitoring, sampling evaluation; statistical report -- to improve operation quality
  • Automated voice services and agent services: 7x24 hour service, no missed calls, redial abandoned calls, call overflow
  • Binding external phone: provide customer service, outbound marketing, phone/SMS service at all times and places
  • Initiative care: satisfaction surveys, questionnaires, survey activity
  • Flexible deployment: new 4S shop, shop relocation