Medial Industry “Cloud Management” Customer Service System

Infobird HSP System

Infobird HSP (Hospital Service Platform) System

Infobird recommends its Cloud-Computing-based Hospital Service Platform (HSP) to large hospitals. It integrates the previous Hospital Information System (HIS), Laboratory Information Management System (LIS) and Picture Archiving & Communication System (PACS), which builds a “Green Information Channel” between the patients and the hospital to form an efficient, unified and information-shared intelligent system platform to improve working efficiency and hospital management. The system can help the hospital provide patients with more personal and careful services during the whole processes of making an appointment, seeing a doctor and leaving hospital.

Hospital Resource System Architecture

With many years’ construction advantages and professional experience in Call Center Customer Service System, and under the guidance of “Cloud Computing” concept, Infobird has constructed Call Center Medial Service System with high stability, high compatibility and high scalability to further improve the level of IT application of health care organizations. The system helps these organizations enhance the service level for good economic benefits and social benefits.

Infobird HSP System Service Functions

  • Make an appointment by telephone
  • Information sharing improves response time and service level
  • IVR provides self-service and related information query
  • Agent service provides business consulting and business processing
  • The complaint and suggestion channel for the patients
  • Initiate a call to provide services
  • IVR automatically notifies important information for medical institutions notice

System Features

  • Based on advanced “Cloud computing” technology architecture
  • Excellent Capability of loading massive surged calls
  • Blacklist function shields against selling appointment registration number by scalper
  • System automatically notifies an appointment information after the success of registration
  • Standardized interface mode, to achieve seamless integration with hospital HIS system
  • Priority service for special populations