Government “Cloud Computing” Public Service Platform

Public Utility Cloud

Government Online Service Platform Values

Based on Cloud Computing Architecture, integrated with existing government websites, contact centers, and business processing and application system, Infobird software has built the bridge of information delivery and effective communication to solve government-faced service problems. It also provides government with a management tool to monitor working status and progress. Infobird software has helped government establish a good image of “People first and for the People” and enhance inner management to improve service efficiency.

  • Timely response to public demand, improve efficiency
  • The government service line is always available and the citizens’ call is always get through
  • IVR system can allocate tasks to speed up handling process
  • IVR system can broadcast important government affairs in time
  • When citizens complaint, there are voice recordings as arbitration basis
  • Considerate service by information recordings, pop-screen, progress check and other functions
  • Government staff can summarize various issues as required
  • Task tracking system speeds up task processing
  • Local recording servers ensure safety

Cloud Computing Government Platform Features

  • Define service attribute
  • Generate received work order
  • Match work order
  • Family service module
  • Policy consulting module
  • Complaints process module
  • Work order management module
  • Manage evaluation and complaints
  • Manage statistical analysis
  • Manage task
  • Manage contracted companies
  • Credit evaluation of contracted companies

Infobird Cloud Computing Service Platform Features

  • One-stop solution
  • Fast and Easy System Construction
  • Distributed System Application
  • Unified Media Access Method
  • Convenient Functional Extension
  • Manageable System Applications
  • High security of System Operation
  • Reasonable Operating Costs