Qitongbao, is a “Public Cloud” service for enterprises. It effectively allocates resources, manages processes, and monitors results around the customer life cycle: look for customers, contact with customers, follow up customers, maintain customers, etc, to help enterprises gain new customers’ trust and old customers’ satisfaction, keep high customer retention rate and loyalty, and finally achieve healthy development and sustainable management goals.

Application Value:

Following the design principle of “Value to users, Win with users”, the application values of Qitongbao are mainly presented in marketing, service and management./p>

Marketing Value:

  • Brand Building: National unified 400 Telephone No. and 7*24 Hours service help enterprises timely response to customer’s needs, create excellent customer experience, and finally build a good brand image.
  • Media Measurement: The effectiveness of advertisement with different thoughts, played-time, and released media all can be analyzed by Qitongbao Platform.
  • Outbound Telemarketing: With effective distribution of customer data, quick outbound, monitoring and performance assessment, Qitongbao can highly improve the quality and quantity of outbound telemarketing in order to enhance success rate.

Service Value:

  • Guided Self-services: Through interactive voice response, like: Press 1 for business consulting, press 2 for marketing partnership…” customers will be distributed by different demands to the most suitable service personal to improve efficiency.
  • Customer Support Service: Qitongbao platform organizes service personnel effectively, to provide 7*24 hours service so that the enterprise will not miss any business opportunity.

Management Value:

  • Customer Leads Management: Qitongbao provides records and statistics of customer information, contact history, and business handle results, to help enterprise achieve centralization management of scattered customer information from each local branch and each salesman.
  • Sales Process Management: Through complete real-time monitoring of salesmen’s working status and records (including entire call recordings), learn their working contents and progress at any time/place to manage and control the whole selling processes.
  • Service Quality Monitoring: The complete real-time monitoring of service personnel’s working status and contents (including entire call recordings) on Qitongbao platform help enterprise reasonably handle future disputes that may arise, to build unified, standard and effective customer service system.
  • Performance Assessment: Qitongbao provides professional concrete indicators and data as the basis to perform staff assessment. Through analysis of these indicators, manager can precisely measure staff’s performance, check whether department size is matched with business scale so that the enterprise can have more reasonable personnel deployment and establish more effective incentive plan.
  • Staff Skill Training: Call recordings of successful products promotion, customer contacts and complaint handling reserved on Qitongbao platform, can be the training materials to help new staff improve comprehensive business level, and finally enhance the enterprise improve selling and marketing level.