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Extensive Use of Outbound Call Center

  • Companies often use call center to take initiative outbound call to contact and maintain customers
  • Aim to enhance contact frequency and intense relationship with customers in service, sales,and marketing
  • Outbound call is usually used in telemarketing, collections, customer tracking and retention, market research, etc.

FAQ of Outbound Call Center

  • Outbound business process generally includes obtain a dialing list, analyze the list, outbound a call, judge outbound results, and interact with customer. Interaction with customers is the most important part of the process.
  • If using traditional manual outbound, an experienced agent can only dial 180-200 calls at the most. And during the outbound process, agent must endure a large number of invalid outbound results. The whole process is very suffering.
  • Uncertainty of telephone number resources leads to 60%-70%, or even 90% of invalid number operations, which wastes a lot of time and efforts.
  • After a large number of invalid outbound operations, the agent finally dials a valid number, and moves to the most important part of interaction with customer. But the agent is suffered a lot during invalid operation, so the interaction quality is greatly reduced.

Infobird Outbound System

Infobird Outbound Systems uses predictive dialing, identification of telecommunication answers to avoid waste of call center agents. Identification of telecommunication answer helps to distinguish valid number from invalid number. Auto-dialing by system helps to avoid agent’s manual operation. Prediction algorithm helps to allocate duties to the agents in the most reasonable way.