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Infobird Hosted Call Center


Item Traditional Switch Infobird Hosted Call Center
CTI Additional cost Intelligent routing
IVR Additional cost Intelligent voice navigation (no circuit limitaion)
Dialing System None Intelligent Preview
Recording System None, need additional cost No capacity limitation(real-time playing and long-term storagel)
Phone Necessary Unnecessary
Switch Necessary Unnecessary
Router Necessary Unnecessary
Equipment room Necessary Unnecessary
Voice engineer Necessary Unnecessary
Application integrating technician Necessary Unnecessary
Mobile office nonsupport Built in function
Telephone line construction Necessary Unnecessary
Telephone line monthly rent Necessary Unnecessary
Branch expansion May not support. Has limitation of expansion and high requirement of bandwidth and network equipment Unified management and seamless expansion
Flexible expansion (free change) Support single user with conditions Support single user
Maintenance charge 15%-25% per year Included in rent charge
Charge method One time investment Monthly fee
First-year cost of 30 users (equipment and maintenance and circuit) 1,233,000 Yuan 180,000 Yuan
Follow up annual cost of 30 users 333,000 Yuan 180,000 Yuan
Integration cost Additional 15%-25% charge Unnecessary
Integration cycle At least 1 month 1 week
Telephone lines quantitative limitation Many physical limitations No limitations (according to cloud capacity )